Yesterday I began my new old job. I say that because it was like entering familiar waters once again as I jumped on board at a new church doing youth ministry. After putting in a few hours and then heading home before our Wednesday night activities to collect my family, I found myself with a familiar sight…Nashville traffic. I even took a moment to call my dad and voice my comical frustration as to why I would move back to a city that is notorious for its traffic. Even on the way into the office I was listening to the radio stations run through the list of traffic pileups and mishaps and I was astounded. It was quickly followed up by things like, “aren’t you glad it’s already the middle of the week.” Or, “I can’t wait till Friday gets here.” All the while I am thinking, “I’m so lucky to get to do what I am doing.”

Last night was my first night back with teens in over three and a half years. And you know what…it was like I never left (well except from the foot soreness this morning from running around the gym for a bit). I loved being around students once again and seeing God call forth the gifts that He gave to me in order to minister to and reach teens and their families. Last night I even had the opportunity to share with the students present about my calling and how at one point I was aiming for the medical field but felt God call me in a different direction. I even jokingly lamented the difference in economical position and yet, I wouldn’t change a thing. There are a couple of verses in one of the Psalms that affirm what God is doing in me in recent days through obedience to His gifting, “Trust the Lord and do good; live in the land, and farm faithfulness. Enjoy the Lord, and he will give what your heart asks.” – Psalm 37:3-4 I love that imagery, “farm faithfulness”. I think this is what leads our heart to ask and desire for right things.

I think about it this way…I’ve never been much of a farmer (shocking revelation I know). It doesn’t mean I don’t try. I even have a little spot marked out here at our new house for some veggies this next spring. But farming is hard work. There’s planning and tilling and planting and weeding and tending and harvesting. And it requires faithfulness. But when all of this is attended to we see new life in amazing ways. For many of you reading this today you may think, “Sure this analogy works for church work, but what about my job that I hate/dislike/tolerate/etc.?” Are you just working or are you farming faithfulness through it? How is God seeking to use your gifts where you are? Who is He calling you to invest in? How is He preparing your place right now for His movement? If we are attuned to God and trusting Him, then our heart’s desire will be found and met regardless of where we work/play/etc. and we will see Him give us the desires of our heart for His glory like we never have before. So get out there today and farm faithfulness.

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  1. Bob Pate says:

    We stink at farming!! Our garden seems to only feed the critters (deer, squirrels, etc). Plus, we don’t use any chemicals (manure!!! ) Thank goodness we can buy food in the store or we would be dead of starvation!!!!!

    Glad you guys are here!!!

  2. oparacletos says:

    …in “each” of our lives…

  3. oparacletos says:

    It’s beautiful to see you continuing to be faithful to the Call…and to the direction He is leading you. May we each be found faithful to His call in wachnof our lives. And welcome to Nashville…and within a couple hours’ drive to our house! Yay! 😁
    Blessings on each of your family members as you “farm”.

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