A couple of days ago I was standing in line at the Post Office. If you ever feel like you are out of touch with humanity, I highly recommend a trip to your local branch. In the line in front of me there was a young dad with his 2-yr-old. His son was getting a little antsy so his dad decided to set him on one of the low tables to the side of the line while he waited. A few seconds later we all heard the thump-thump as his son fell backwards off the table hitting his head twice on the way down. I quickly helped the boy up to his fathers arms and we thought everything would be okay until we saw the blood above the eye and on the back of his head. Quickly the father scooped up his son and rushed him to the car in order to get him to a medical facility ASAP. Being a dad myself this was pretty traumatic and my mind immediately went to my own little ones wishing I could hold them for a second just to make sure they were safe and well.

Every time I have an experience where my daddy instincts kick in, I can’t help but think about how God the Father thinks of us. The writer of 1 John put it this way, “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” – 1 John 3:1. The word for “what great” is actually a question in the Greek. In other words, “what kind of love is it that God has for us that He would want to call us His children?” Think about that with me for a moment. God looks at us in our shortcomings, our sins, our failings, our depravity, our inability to measure up, our self-inflicted wounds, our anxiety, our worry, our violence, our hatred, our humanness and loves us so much He calls us his children.

Now as a father there are times when my children might get on my nerves a bit. I think we would all confess the same if we are honest. But if I were to be given the choice of being with them or apart from them, I would definitely choose the former. In fact, much like a mama bear or a bull elephant, I pity you if you attempt to keep me from my kids. And this feeling that I have for my own children is infinitesimally small compared to the great, lavish, bountiful, excessive, grace-filled, grand, glorious, inordinate, never-ending, never giving-up, unstoppable love that God has for you and for me. He would and did move heaven and earth, death and hell itself to be with you. This is a love that defies logic, reason, time, space, understanding and humanity itself because God took on humanity to be with us.

So today, if you find yourself feeling low or struggling to make it through another day, pause for a minute…and think about the lavishness of the love that brings the God who created the entire universe to look upon you and call you His own daughter or son. And know that this is who you are.

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