seed of doubt


Prepare thyself…at least that is what I had to say to myself a few weeks ago. I had a friend of mine from college message me and ask me to read and review his book. Not something I have ever done before, but it sounded like fun. After all, it was a novel and I love reading fiction. He offered to send me a copy, but being the ridiculously wealthy youth pastor that I am I refused his generosity and purchased my own copy on Amazon. And although it took me a while to get started reading I am now bringing myself around to the task of reviewing said book.

Robert Milton’s (a great name for an author, eh?) Seed of Doubt seemed to start off like most mystery/crime related fiction would. But before you get too far into the book you realize that this is not going to be fit your standard mode. The story lines focus around the lives of Connor Bryce and wife Kelly as well as John and Annika Mims. Connor Bryce seems to be an unassuming hard-working character whose innovation seems to be putting his family on the right track. The love story between John and Annika seems almost surreal as you see it laid out before you and find yourself captivated by their back-stories. But the intersection of their lives and the complex issues that come to life keep you spellbound as you find yourself lost in the tempo of Milton’s premier novel. As the plot unfolds you find yourself not even sure of who to root for. Do you find yourself sympathizing with the anti-protagonist or rooting for “justice” to be done?

Ultimately Seed of Doubt becomes a novel about all of us. Where do we find ourselves in the complexities of life and temptation? Do we live our lives out of a paradigm of guilt and deception or do we live in authenticity and freedom? I for one loved this book and am reluctant to admit, but even found myself tearing up in the conclusive scenes. This book would be a great read for anyone looking for a provocative yet intentional look at the power of the human heart and mind. I for one will look forward to Milton’s next book as I am sure this is just the beginning of an ongoing career.

If you want to know where to pick up Seed of Doubt, you can find it here: And if you enjoy reading novels as much as I do, do yourself a favor and go out and grab it today. You might even have it just in time for that Spring Break beach read.

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