My six year old has become quite the prolific artist as of late. And then again that might be a trait you could probably extend to all six year old artists. On an almost daily basis he produces some new work of art that is either designated for display or for a specific audience. ‘This one is for you daddy…and this one is for mommy…’ And the crazy part about it is that each work has something amazing about it; some intentionality behind why it was produced. Each one has a story. The sad truth is that all to often I lose a piece or two amidst the mass production that is the result of my son’s creative ability. And someday I can’t help but think that I will want all of those back.

I can’t help but think that the way my son feels about his art gives me a better glimpse into who God is. Think about it this way; the first thing we are told about God according to scriptures is that God ‘creates’. He is a creative God. He is a God who is intimately involved in the production of life…all life. And I thought my son was prolific. Here is God who from the get go we are told is a creator, and not just of a few things, but of all things. Now imagine this God stepping down out of His creator role to take on the form of one of His creations. I mean really think about it. Think about the way he would look at a tree. How he would appreciate the proportionate amount of sunlight or the stirring of a storm. Think about how he would look at another human. He would see us like no one ever could or ever would. His appreciation for His creation would be mind-blowing. You couldn’t help but be in awe of His interaction with another.

In fact, the Advent story is pretty much summed up in one of the most famous verses of all of scripture. ‘For God so loved the world that he gave…” – John 3:16. God gave of Himself to encounter His creation in a way that would show us what it means to truly love His creation. The appreciation He had for His handiwork goes beyond all comprehension. When he looks at us He sees the massive beauty and potential bound up in what He created and the breathtaking result is Love. And I am not talking about love that is conditional or bound up by fallen ambition or desires, but love that says ‘I made you and I would do anything just to be with you’.

And here is where the hard part comes in. I think it might possibly be justifiable to sometimes lose sight of one of the many pieces of art that my son creates for me (although in the long run it might not be). But for us to lose sight of or even cast aside one of God’s creations because of our own agenda or callous life-style…God help us. Help us to appreciate where you have placed us in order to love those around us like you do. Give us the eyes of a creator who sees the boundless love and grace poured into existence in the life of another. And may we see life anew this Advent season because of the way you see us.

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