I am not the best with money. I never really have been. My dad used to always say that money burned a hole right through my pockets because as soon as I would earn it, it was spent. Unfortunately as an adult this isn’t the best approach…especially as a husband and a father to two. And so I have worked at becoming better with my money. I have striven to eliminate debt and very rarely do we as a family do anything outside the realm of practicality as far as finances are concerned (granted if it is crazy or spontaneous and free, then we are on board). But I have to share with you a couple of recent events that seem so ridiculously impractical; and yes, money is involved.

Recently I shared in my blog that our son has been going through a lot. And so as a family we have been looking for ways to make new and fun-filled memories. The first opportunity came when my wife saw that Disney on Ice was in town on a Sunday morning. I had told her that unless someone hands us the money at church (which almost never happens) that there was no way we could go. And would you believe somebody handed us the money we needed at church that morning. And it was a great night filled with smiles and laughter. The next opportunity was this week. My wife and I saw a commercial for another Disney live show and we both thought of Jonas. And the following morning I was about to tell her there is no way we can do this financially, but right before we talked, I received an unexpected check at work….so we will let you know how tomorrow goes:)

Now I know that the money we were given in both of these circumstances could have gone to something better. It maybe could have paid a bill, put gas in a car, helped boost our emergency fund, etc. but I can’t help but think that God wants us to be impractical with it for the sake of our own. After all, this is the same God who impractically lavishes love out upon us. “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” – 1 John 3:1. I almost think God is in the business of impracticality. He looks at us, in all of our brokenness and failures, and calls us His own. And furthermore asks us to go out and seek out more of his children and share the same love. We are to love the broken, the orphan, the widow, the enemy, the other…because we are all God’s children. And the plan is insanely impractical because love is impractical.

I feel like tomorrow this unexpected check may burn a hole right through my pockets, but I think as long as it makes a memory I am okay with that. May you find a new way to be impractical this week for the sake of loving like God loved us.

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