closer to the Creator

In the beginning God created…This is our introduction. This is how God is first revealed to us. He is a God who creates. And shortly thereafter we are awakened to the fact that we are created in His image. We are formed into the image of a God who creates and it is magical. It all of a sudden is no mystery why we as humans strive to create great things. Works of art, compositions of beauty, buildings of grandeur, even the little pieces of ourselves we like to call children.

My wife and I were conversing recently (a healthy habit which I suggest all married couples do) and she talked about how it made sense that couples define their landmark moments around the birth of their children. In that moment you are drawn into something mystical as you “create” life. You experience life in greater fashion because in that moment you are closer to God, the creator, than ever before. This is part of your design! But often times this is where we see design-flaws come in. And in no way is the original Creator to blame, but instead the secondary creators take over and the design starts to falter.

Children are at times abused or neglected. Or they are purposed to live out the dreams of their originators, instead of being raised up to understand that they are God’s glorious creation intended to live out their lives for His glory. Not only is this our purpose as God’s creatures, but this should be the purpose of all of our creations as well. This is where Babel fell. This is where our creations fall short. And this is where we to often as the image of God fall short.

We can draw closer to God when we create. We do take on a sense of God-likeness when we create. But if it is not for His glory…then sometimes we are just trying to be our own gods and we are building Babel all over again and our life takes on the form of confusion and chaos.

So create! It is after all a mandate from our Creator God! But paint, compose, design, dance, sing, build, run, leap, and find any way to express your creative potential that you can…but be sure you are doing it for the glory of the Creator and not your own.

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