I likes to be chose

One of my favorite lines ever penned by one of my favorite Nazarene writers is the title of this post, “I likes to be chose”. Bob Benson put such emotion behind these words essentially embodying all of the grace in John 15:16. “Remember, you did not choose me, but I chose you…” I have never been someone who excelled athletically (although I am now the envy of some of my Middle School Students) and so I know a bit of what it feels like to be chosen towards the bottom. In fact, for a few of my awkward years (which I think are still occurring), I was even chosen last for our recess contests. So I definitely echo those words that I likes to be chose.

Now let’s put it into perspective. Jesus has told us that we did not choose him, but He chose us. Not only did He choose us, but He chose us for the most important task in all eternity. The spreading of his Gospel and the making of His disciples. And guess what? There is no Plan B. We are it. He has chosen the Church for this Kingdom altering task and we are it. Not only were we chosen, but we are chosen for the fulfillment of the most beautiful plan ever spoken into existence…the redemption of mankind into the heart of an all-consuming Creator. Wow!

May we come to echo these words and reflect on the weight that they carry with them…I likes to be chose.

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  1. elsie says:

    The first time I heard of Bob Benson was on Family Talk. They played a sermon he gave which made me laugh and cry. I love what he said ” Jesus said you did not chose me, I chose you!!!” We need to all remember that. My pastor gave a sermon on that a few weeks ago and I ordered one of Bob Benson’s CDs to give him and one of my friends. This man was amazing

  2. Heather A says:

    My pastor used this as part of his sermon many years ago… Not only has the writings of Bob Benson made an impact on my life, but even more so when this was preached from the pulpit of the little Nazarene church I attended. I likes to be chose has stuck with me.
    God created us for communion, interaction with him. We have a need to be chosen by him, our families, our peers… We need to be chosen – not the last pick. Guess what? We are. He chose us long before we chose him.
    I likes to be chose.

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