Arp…a blog?

So I know that sometimes it seems all the rage to do something like a blog and maybe I am jumping on this bandwagon way too late, but yes, Andrew Arp now has a blog. And I suppose the question that comes naturally now is why. Why a blog? Why are you just now jumping on this overly used media outlet? And I think the answer is actually quite simple. I want to add my voice to the discussion.

One of the greatest parts about belonging to the Church today is that you are a part of a 2,000 year dialogue. Some of it good and some of it not so good, but all the same it is a continuing conversation. As a Pastor I feel all too often we are content to simply let our voice just join the great chorus of those who have served and not enter into the discussion that is taking place all around us. We are called to become advocates for the truth and relevance of scripture in today’s world. So that is why I am jumping into this vast universe of blogs. Maybe some will take not, maybe not…but this is becoming a platform for my voice.

So what will this new blog look like? Well hopefully the title will point towards the theme. This is not meant to be a prideful rant of a young Nazarene Pastor who is sometimes tempted to enter the conversation with both guns blazing. Instead it is a study. Maybe a lifelong study of how I see the world and God’s actions in it as he is redeeming mankind unto Himself.

So here’s to hoping that this is a fun place for discussion on issues relevant to the Kingdom with maybe a bit of fun and humor thrown in…otherwise it wouldn’t be arpology.

Grace and Peace

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